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Cordini Rita

Bella Baguette

Bella Baguette

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BELLA baguette version, with a minimal trunk-like line with handles and shoulder strap.

Bella is handmade in our Volpara workshop, it is a handcrafted bag created with high quality materials. This bag is made with Appleskin fabric, produced in Italy from apple waste from Trentino Alto Adige. An upcycling fabric that recovers waste from food production and transforms it into new value while respecting the environment.

Collection: CR Essential

Measurements: 32x16x7cm

Green colour

External zip closure

Removable key ring tassel

Composition: bio-based Appleskin fabric

Interior: patterned print fabric lining with a zip pocket. In each of our bags the linings are always different, in this way we guarantee the uniqueness of the bag itself and give space to our creativity

Bag with shoulder strap, width 4 cm and length 75 cm, non-adjustable and removable

Silver colored metal accessories

Plate with "Cordini Rita" logo in brass and palladium

100% Made in Italy - Handmade, it takes approximately 11 hours of artisanal work to create the bag, in addition to the planning, research and choice of materials. The only machinery used to make the bag is the sewing machine. From cutting to assembly the creation is manual.

Made in the Volpara (PV) laboratory

Shipped with its protective bag where you can store it when not in use.

The Bella bag is eco-friendly. Why?

- Animal free bag in compliance with our philosophy;

- Bag made with fabrics that come from Italian companies with an eye for research and innovation but not only that, the commitment to creating low-impact raw materials and with less waste of resources;

- Ethics, the stock market does not exploit human labor;

- Handcrafted bag made by hand, a process that also reduces the use of energy and resources in favor of reducing environmental impact;

- "Almost km 0" supply chain, 90% of our suppliers are located within 300 km. Our environmental impact is therefore reduced;

- Our company invests in the Italian territory, promoting the circulation of our internal economy to support the community;

- Slow Fashion;

- 2% of sales are invested in environmental/animal/social projects;

How to keep your bag in shape and clean?

Clean the bag with a damp cloth and neutral soap. To keep it in shape we recommend storing it in the cupboard with the paper inside. Detach the shoulder strap and place it inside the bag too. Store it in its protective bag in a cool, dry place.

It is important to avoid placing objects inside the bag that could alter its shape, causing not only aesthetic but also functional damage.

If the bag gets wet, avoid placing it too close to or in contact with direct heat sources (for example stoves or radiators) to avoid any possible color changes.

It is useful to pay attention to surfaces that can scratch the bag, damaging its appearance.

Correct use allows you to extend the life of your bag!

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