Made in Italy craftsmanship

Our philosophy is to create handcrafted and ethical handbags for women, with low environmental impact and cruelty free.

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Discover the craftsmanship

Best Seller - Audrey our IT-Bag

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Haute Couture Collection - Research and design for unique and exclusive bags

Unique jewels handmade in crystal and Haute Couture fabrics

We love animals

With each purchase we will allocate 2% of the final price to donate food to help our 4-legged friends or support other projects in favor of wildlife



We strive every day to create ethical and sustainable bags. Not only low impact, biodegradable, recycled and almost 0 km production materials but also the manual production process which saves energy resources. Think green, save planet!

We love environment

Our forest

We support reforestation projects around the world, we help offset our Co2 emissions and, furthermore, for every sale made a tree will be planted! THINK GREEN AND SAVE THE PLANET!


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  • When you're not using it

    When you're not using it, store it in the wardrobe in its protective bag, with the tissue paper inside to maintain its shape. The shoulder strap should also be left inside the bag.

  • If it gets wet

    If the bag gets wet, don't worry, just let it dry at room temperature. Do not place it directly near heat sources which could alter the color or ruin the fabric.

  • How to clean it

    Use a damp cloth and neutral soap or a fabric/imitation leather cleaner. Be careful when using chemicals such as alcohol which could ruin the colour.