Our bags are made in Volpara (PV) in our small laboratory, craftsmanship is for us synonymous of ethics and sustainability.

Borse artigianali e Made in Italy firmate Cordini Rita

In the homologation brought by 'globalization', the mastery expressed by the ancient crafts is to be safeguarded like the works of art

quote from Carla Fendi

The creative phase begins with the choice of materials and patterns that will give life to the collection, an inverse process of creation, which does not start from the design, but from the fabrics.

Each fabric inspires us in different ways, the emotions that these create in our fantasies will give life to the bag. The model is then transferred to paper with a sketch.

We like to think that "every fabric always has a bag waiting for it ..".

Once the material has been chosen, the sample realization phase follows, the passage from the draft to the sample is often difficult and it takes a long time before reaching the final realization of the bag.

The timing, not short, allow us to take care of every single creation in detail. Once the sample is completed and approved, the production phase of the model begins: from cutting the material to assembling and sewing the bag.

The longest and most difficult artisanal processes mainly concern lace and macramé. A completely manual work that requires time, passion and attention to detail, since making a bag is not a "easy" process.

Even in the tailored models, manual work is predominant: in the models made of yarn all is worked by hand until the fabric is created and the internal linings are applied with an invisible stitch by hand.

Any imperfections are to be considered typical of this particular process and guarantee the uniqueness of the realization.


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Cruelty Free

Our bags are Animal Free and of high quality ...

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Who we are

Ilaria is the creator of the Cordini Rita brand, supported by her mother who passed on to her the love for handmade ...

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