Bag care

Cura delle borse

Bags signed by Cordini Rita have a two (2) year warranty on manufacturing defects, but we are not liable for damage caused by incorrect use of the product. The repair of manufacturing defects is free and any shipping costs are also included.

How to keep our bags in shape

Each Cordini Rita bag is accompanied by the brochure and the certificate of authenticity. 

To maintain the original qualities of the bags, it is recommended to avoid exposure to sources of heat and humidity. It is also recommended to avoid prolonged exposure to bright light to prevent discoloration.

When the bag has not been used for some time, we recommend to store it in its protective case. If necessary, fill it with sheets of paper to keep it in shape, taking care to leave the shoulder strap on the outside of the case.

If your bag got wet in the rain or snow, do not dry it near a radiator, wood or electric stove. The bag should be dried at room temperature without using heat sources.

To clean coated fabric bags, use a soft cloth with cleansing milk or mild Marseille soap. If the stain is difficult (lipstick or other) use a cotton swab or a soft cloth lightly soaked in alcohol or acetone.

The fabric bags can be dry cleaned by covering the metal parts, or, if the stain is limited, use a common stain remover for fabrics.

Remove hostile stains from bags


Act promptly with diluted neutral shampoo or with alcohol diluted with water.


Dab with pure denatured alcohol and then wash with water and neutral soap


Dab with water and alcohol in equal parts and then with water and neutral soap


Use only warm water and mild soap


Dab with water and alcohol or water and neutral soap