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Awomen's fashion total look inspired by the art of Leonardo da Vinci. A collection that comes from the skill of a group of Lombard artisans, combining therecovery of tradition with the use of innovative techniques and materials.


The starting point of the collection is the sacred geometry that underlies the creation of the Vitruvian Man, combined with the geometric studies present in the Atlantic Code on the flower of life, as well as those on proportions and the golden section. These elements have been taken up and declined in thecreation ofa collection of artisan products within clothing, leather accessories, bags, shoes, jewelry and watches.The garments and objects created are not only the result of the reworking of graphic and aesthetic elements, but also of the effort to transfer Leonardo's reflections on the foundations ofWelfare (understood as the relationship between the laws of divine nature and man) in comfortable clothes to wear, and in accessories that instill harmony.


The body is made of golden proportions Skirts, trousers and dresses, following this logic, become a second skin, resulting comfortable, harmonious, capable of instilling well-being to the sight and to the other senses. From moccasins to sashes, from shopping bags to bracelets, the body wears garments that take advantage of the proportions of the golden section to eliminate sizes and developments. In terms of fashion, all this means a new concept of dressing, as close as possible to universal nature..


Our company took care of the realization of the BORSA product , They were months of intense study and creative inspiration which have given life to bags and clutches with soft and structured lines where the flower of life and the sacred geometry of Trinity inspired our creations,



The companies united in the creation of the La Quadratura del Cerchio project:

BAGS - Rita Lanyards by Ilaria Ricci Volpara (Pv) www.cordinirita.itt 

Cordini Rita by Ilaria Ricci creates handcrafted bags in sustainable fabrics and materials. Brand born from the idea of Ilaria Ricci, graduated in management at the University of Pavia and from the support of her mother Rita Cordini who has passed on to her the passion for craftsmanship and handmade since she was a child. The company is located in the small village of Volpara (Pv) famous for its Muscat wine. Here, in the creative silence of nature, the Cordini Rita brand bags are created. Attention and respect for the environment and animals, and social ethics, are part of the company philosophy: the brand, in fact, produces entirely in Italy with high quality raw materials.


DRESSES - D-Sign Caravaggio (Bg) www.d-signcollection.comom

Transformability is the leitmotif of D-Sign Collection, the basis of its development, the essence of its philosophy. Uniqueness is his goal, entrusted to garments capable of generating, thanks to small design precautions, always different outfits. Experimentation is its strength: each collection is born from a careful research of materials, cuts, details. D-Sign Collection, designed for the contemporary woman, always busy but attentive to her image, shrewd in choosing her wardrobe, who believes in the quality of the garments and appreciates their aesthetic refinement, promotes freedom of expression by declining it in the creation oflook hand andtailor made composed on the basis of their needs, but also of their feelings.”.


SHOES - Manenti shoes Treviglio (Bg) www.manentishoes.itit

Manenti Shoes is an artisan company, which was born from the desire of Emanuele Manenti to continue the family footwear tradition, active in the sector for over 50 years. Comfort is the hallmark of footwear: it is perceived in every model (classic, leisure, football, golf, cycling, in natural leather or special fabrics), behind which there is a fine craftsmanship. No pre-packaged components are used to make a Manenti Shoes shoe. All possible customizations are directly in the shoe construction phase, with a very wide range of color combinations, embroidery, studs and decorations.

WATCHES - Raw mechanics Bergamo www.meccanicagrezza.comom

Flavio Oreda, owner of Meccanica Grezza, believes that the success of an object derives from the combination of quality, in terms of technological-functional efficiency and design, and simplicity, understood as an effective solution to problems and design requests: faithful to these values , has completed a design and production path that has led the band to establish itself internationally. In just 5 years, thanks to the made in Italy design and Swiss Made quality, Meccanica raw watches have distinguished themselves as different and desirable objects.i.

JEWELS -Petra handmade jewelery Milan| instagram.com/Petrahjewelry

Mariolina Petra Gasparini, fashion designer and creative from adolescence, began in 2010 a production of handcrafted jewelry, with the name Petra Handmade Jewelery. As a self-taught person, he embarks on a completely new creative path, undergoing the powerful fascination of metalworking. Mariolina Gasparini's jewelry line today has numerous collections, unique pieces or limited series. Material jewels, elegantly simple, made of silver, brass and semiprecious stones.


BELTS - Unipel Telgate (Bg) www.bamafashion.comom

Unipel snc is an artisan company that has been dealing with fashion accessories for over 40 years, ranging from different items, all created and manufactured in our laboratory in the province of Bergamo. The strong point is being able to do as the craftsman of the past, so even the single and particular artifact is always feasible. The main products are belts, for men and women, bags, leashes and small leather goods, all made by hand, in genuine leather and truly made in Italy.


For the images of the collection he collaborated:

Debora Barnaba Gessate (Mi) www.dbartworks.itit