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"LA QUADRATURA DEL CIRCHIO" is the fashion collection inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci and born from the union of 6 Lombard artisan companies.

Six different styles and knowledge that have given life to a unique total look inspired by the sacred geometry that underlies the creation of the Vitruvian man. An important research led to the creation of clothing and accessories attentive to well-being, a new fashion concept that comes as close as possible to universal nature.

I invite you to visit the collection website:


The companies united in the creation of the La Quadratura del Cerchio project:

BAGS - Rita Lanyards by Ilaria Ricci Volpara (Pv) www.cordinirita.comm 


DRESSES - D-Sign Caravaggio (Bg) www.d-signcollection.comom


SHOES - Manenti shoes Treviglio (Bg) www.manentishoes.itit


WATCHES - Raw mechanics Bergamo www.meccanicagrezza.comom


JEWELS -Petra handmade jewelery Milan |


BELTS - Unipel Telgate (Bg) www.bamafashion.comom


For the images of the collection he collaborated:

Debora Barnaba Gessate (Mi) www.dbartworks.itit