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How a Cordini Rita bag is born

The process of making a bag is a very complex job, with a large number of manual steps that make each creation unique.

Our bags are handcrafted in a few copies and small collections. It can therefore be said that each bag is unique in itself and every small imperfection that arises from craftsmanship guarantees its authenticity.

Each bag tells a different story, the creative path here is reversed.

We don't sit down, we don't study fashion marketing books, we don't study the trends that sell the most and those that sell the least.

We research and study fabrics, every single material arouses different emotions in us and from here we give life to our bags:the softness of the brocade, the scent of the newly created material, the sinuosity of the shapes, the fantasy or monochrome of the colors ...

These are important to us:emotions.

The customer Cordini Rita does not choose a product, she does not choose the bag as a container for objects, but chooses a part of herself, which represents and accompanies her in life. The woman together with her bag become one, the union of two souls that create an intense feeling of well-being.